While that really isn’t a picture of me it is a representative of who I am.

My name is Peter L. Berghold and I’ve been cooking since I was about 9 years old.  It all started when I violated a cardinal rule in our home which went something like “if you hear mom using unladylike langage with her knitting stay away.”  While mom was fighting with her knitting I had the audacity to ask her to make me a batch of cookies.  She fixed me with a glare that should have reduced me to ash (must have rolled a saving throw) and said in a low voice “There’s the kitchen, there’s cookbooks in there, figure it out.”

Reality is and while she really said that she set about making me memorize cooking terms like stir, boil, simmer, fold, whisk etc etc before she actually let me make cookies.  She also supervised my first batch pointing out pitfalls before I actually ran afoul of them.

My first batch of cookies were sugar cookies.  Not normally what mom would have baked for me but it was an introduction.  My second batch were Toll House cookies that I took the recipe right off the back of the package of Toll House chocolate chips.   The real deal Toll House by the way was about 3 miles from my house on route 18 in Whitman.  The sign is still there but sadly the restaurant burned to the ground and was never rebuilt.

Within that first year I started actually making meals for my parents and I (I was an only child) and grew to love the science and art of cooking.  My first meals were really easy such as hamburgers, hot dogs, dogs in blankets and then later progressed through making “spaghetti sauce” as it was known in my parents house and grilling on the charcoal grill in the back yard.

For a brief time in my younger years I worked as a line cook for a variety of restaurants ranging from a truck stop to a very large sit-down restaurant. It was those jobs that helped sharpen my palate, my skill sets and my sense of how recipes go together.

The majority of the recipes you’ll see on this board are from family cookbooks.  Sitting next to me as I type this is a notebook binder covered with kitchen shelf paper that the edges are frayed on. The pages are all hand written by my mother’s hand and the binder itself was a wedding present to my wife so that she would learn to cook the kinds of foods my mother thought I liked.   Most of the recipes are of things I like but her liver pate recipe is right out.

Also I will be posting reviews of restaurants that I visit.  We do eat out probably more than we should in this house and being a confirmed foodie I have my standards for what I expect from a restaurant.  Those standards are on a bit of a sliding scale as I apply those standards differently based on the per plate cost of a meal and other factors.

I will also be reviewing equipment that I use as well as vendors I buy my goods from.  Most of the vendor reviews will be of vendors that I highly approve of otherwise I don’t acknowledge them.

So visit often as I’ll be updating this blog as frequently as I have opportunity to do so.   I also run a blog about the DevOps world so if you are so inclined go ahead and visit there as well.

As I always say, pull up a chair, relax and enjoy,


Thank you for your time reading this.


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