Announcement: why do I advertise?

When I first started doing blogs about ten years ago I swore up and down that I’d never carry advertisements on my blogs.  For most of those years I kept that vow and categorically refused to add advertisements to my content.

Things change.  The financial pressures I feel have intensified and for that reason I am going to carry advertising with the home that you’ll visit the advertisers and buy something.  If not I understand because I very much understand the other side to the equation.

Here is my new promise:  I will never advertise a product just to fill space.  If I have an advertisement in one of my postings the product I’m advertising is one that I use myself and consider it to be a good product. I may be adding other financially driven content in the future.  I’m even considering creating a cookbook and distributing it electronically through this blog.


Time will tell.

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