Moving Day has Arrived

Well I’ve accomplished a couple of things with this web site.  First off I have learned a bit about Kubernetes and now feel very proud of myself and confident about creating other sites and such with Kubernetes.

Why did this site move?  First off it was originally using the URL and I had this domain “parked” called  That domain was originally intended be used with my never ever happened hot sauce and barbecue sauce business.  Decided not to go down that path as there are way too many folks out there doing both of those things and it struck me as being a bad way to go broke.

Second off this site was originally (under the domain name) hosted with a hosting provider who will go unnamed that had a catastrophic failure on their platform resulting in the total loss of my site.  No backups in spite of my being an IT professional.  Shoe makers children I guess.

Enough about that.

What is this site all about?  I’ll be publishing from time a variety of articles about food, cooking, eating out or anything food related that I’m inspired to write about.  I love to cook.  I love to teach about cooking. I love to eat.

To that end I’ll be posting recipes, articles on cooking technique, restaurant reviews and more.

So pull up a chair sit down and enjoy.


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